We will send you an invitation so that you can download the Spruce Health app. 

COVID 19 Testing

If you need a COVID 19 test we will bring you in the back door at the end of the day to avoid contacting other patients  

COVID 19 - Wear a mask at our office 

Sick Visits

Sick appointments in the late morning and afternoon after the well child visits are completed. Please wear a mask to your visit.

Featured Services

pediatric clinic

Office Visits

The office is open.  COVID hours 9 to 3:30

Use the portal to contact us before/ after hours. Please wear a mask to our office.

New policies. Wear mask at the office please.

​Office hours have been reduced. 9 to 3:30

Well child visits for essential vaccines in the morning

Sick visits in the afternoon.  telemedicine available

COVID 19 Testing - results in about 2 days